Qube Lease Administration Software

An integral part of Qube Lease and Asset Management is in its ability to manage the total life cycle of every lease.  With Qube Lease and Asset Management, you can:

  • Reduce organizational risk and administrative costs.
  • Meet all regulatory requirements for both a domestic and/or international portfolio.
  • Integrate and work effectively with other existing software programs or embedded service provider systems.
  • Improve services to business operations partners with an automated alert system and defined work flows.
  • Access advanced information depositories for inventory tracking.

Because the power of improved analysis lies within your historical data, Qube Lease and Asset Management lets you easily track and maintain information related directly to owned or rental properties, leases or sub leases.  Keep accurate records of all transactions, reminders and clauses: calculate currency and measurements in a selected method, and track expiration dates and term of tenancy through a simple click. 

Effective reporting and strategic intelligence is provided through interactive dashboards and Qube’s Vision module.  Highly intuitive with a familiar user interface, Qube Lease Administration allows for the effective management of all financial, legal and project based activities associated with either any lease, in one integrated system. Manage daily operations, or view business intelligent modules for strategic decision making.  Controlled and streamlined reporting tools with customizable screens allow for ongoing contract and partner relationships to be maintained and improved through an increased understanding of any leasing portfolio.

Qube Lease Management and Qube Asset Management solutions are backed by powerful and robust technology that enables you to:

  • Reduce overall costs and utilize a new level of business knowledge with trend analysis and decision making support;
  • Successfully manage a diverse range of leased and owned portfolios, utilizing the power of real time data;
  • Improve the efficiencies with flexible, interactive tools and advanced data visualization.
The Qube Lease and Asset Management tools provide a broad range of capabilities and functionality.
  • Lease Payables - Manage all lease data including options, clauses, documents, expirations and critical dates; report on all key lease information and activities.
  • Lease Receivables – Manage all aspects of sub-leases including tenant billing, shared costs, financial management and sales.
  • Financial Management - Track and manage cost related information, including rent and services payments, landlord reconciliation, cost recovery and financial reporting; integrates with all standard accounting systems.
  • Regulatory Compliance – Provides FASB 13 and 10K reporting; meets regulatory requirements for data management and auditing.
  • Document Management - Tracks and manages all real estate documents; all document types are supported.
  • Transaction Management – The optimal delivery system exceeds the requirements and expectations for strategic and improved real estate decision making. 
  • Portfolio Management – Comprehensive analysis of a partial or complete portfolio with an array of maps, charts and graphs, allowing for decisions based on historical and current data. 
  • Retail Management – Manage daily operational requirements to remain aligned with the targets and policies of your business, driving productivity for maximum profit potential. 
  • Project Management – Leases can be executed and deadlines enforced to eliminate inefficiencies in standardized processes. 
  • Asset Management – Maintain an accurate account of the value of each piece of tangible real estate as it directly relates to the company’s bottom line.
  • Maintenance and Repairs – Manage costs associated with the constant upkeep and renovation of the assets listed in your portfolio to ensure your business continues to run smoothly ‘behind the scenes’.

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